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Good morning (or evening, or night, or whatever timezone you are in biggrin.gif) folks!

Yesterday I thought I'd go all the way and delid my A10-5700, as the temperatures weren't all that great and I was hitting the thermal limits in some situations (I even had a couple of thermal shutdowns).

So this morning I went ahead, picked up an used shaving razor blade, dismantled it, took apart the blade, and got to work thumb.gif

This is the lovely die exposed wubsmiley.gif

I am also processing and uploading a video I took of the whole process, so stay tuned for that too!

In case you were wondering, I lowered my load (gaming) temperatures from 72-73ºC to 67ºC on stock fan settings, and from 70ºC to 65ºC on custom fan profile smile.gif

Not a hefty increase, but nice nonetheless, considering I used MX-4 on both the die and the heatsink. You can count on a much nicer improvement if you use better quality paste smile.gif

I am already looking for some screws that will fit in the Noctua mounting system to run it delidded... I'd love to see the improvement thumb.gif

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