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Originally Posted by Sean Webster View Post

Sweet thread, I'll add it to the essentials when it is complete. smile.gif


Here are some test I will do to help me get a greater understanding of what affects RAMDisks performance.

Test 1: Remove the second set of memory modules
Predicted effet: None

Test 2: Increase memory timings to an unrealistic 20-20-20-2T
Predicted effect: Increased latency, same performance

Test 3: Only use 1x8GB 10-10-10
Predicted effect: Obviously this will decrease memory bandwidth, but since all RAMDisks seem to be single threaded it might not impact performance

Test 4: Switch out 3x8GB 10-10-10 for 3x2GB 7-7-7
Predicted effect: Decreased latency, same performance

Test 5: Increase RAM frequency
Predicted effect: Minimal performance difference
Note: From previous testing I found out that CPU speed was the primary bottleneck so I don't expect increasing the memory frequency will do much.

Test 6: Decrease RAM frequency to 800MHz
Predicted effect: Possibly move the bottleneck from the CPU to the memory. If CPU is still the bottleneck, results should remain similar
Note: I know CPU speed will bottleneck a RAMDisk speed, but I want to test if memory frequency can as well. So for this test I overclock my CPU in small increments until I either get to 4GHz or reach a memory bottleneck. If I don't reach a bottleneck I might try with 1x8GB.

Test 7: Disable Hypertreading (Back to original memory configuration)
Predicted effect: None

Test 8: Use different file systems (FAT/FAT32/NTFS/exFAT/UDF)
Predicted effect: Minimal performance difference

Test 9: Enable NTFS compression and/or indexing
Predicted effect: Minimal performance difference

Test 10: Use diffent operating system( XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Predicted effect: 7 and 8 should be similar. I expect XP to have the worst performance with vista somewhere in between.
Note: I'll probably do this in a VM

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