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hello OCN, i've come here for advice! biggrin.gif

this summer i plan to start benching, but im not sure which i should start with, since i cannot find stores in the EU that sell CPU and GPU pots, and with the shipping and customs from america, its looking like ill only be able to afford one pot, so what should i start with?

i have more than stated in my sig rig, im only 17 but im building up a collection for benching when i can afford it tongue.gif

so far i have:

gtx 460 hawk
2 HD 7950's (running crossfire at stock, but top one does heaven at 1350 under water using modded trixx)
and im currently looking at getting the 275 lightning for sale on these forums, as well as scouring ebay for a 580 lightning or matrix.

2600k on a watercooled p67 sabretooth, (samsung wonder ram)
i7-950 on an x58 sabertooth ( random kingston hyperX 1600 c8 i think)
and after building a new pc for my friend when he gets paid, ill also get his old E6750 and his asus p45

(not much to start with huh? rolleyes.gif)

personally i dont have any preferences between 2d or 3d benches as long as i can see the improvements im happy, so either is fine, i was just leaning towards gpu becuase i didnt think my mobo's would be any use for ln2 or DICE..

but anyway, thank you for looking! thumb.gif

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