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I thought a little about how I'm going to test the RAMDisks and so far I've made certain decisions.

-I will only do test with FAT32 or NTFS (unless only FAT is possible in that case i'll use that) and I'll run Anvil, ATTO and crystaldisk on each.
-I'll do 2 sets of test. The first one will be with a disk size of 4GB (or whatever the max size is if lower). The second one will be a disk large enough to load a game (likely 20 to 30GB, let me know if you have any preference)(NTFS will be the default file system for this test with FAT32 as a backup)
-On the larger disk I'll probably try to test how fast game loads are. I'm not sure which games would be best suited for that, so if you have any idea let me know.
-I'll do boot speed test for those that allow to load an image at boot
-For those that allow more than 1 SCSI drive, I might try to raid them (performance decrease is likely)
-For those with backups I might try to hard format to another file system to see how it handles that

I'm open to suggestions, so if you have any test you would like me to run let me know.

I'll need to reinstall win7 before I start these test since my barebone install lacks many of the tools I'll need. I expect to start testing next week so that should give people some time to share their thoughts and give feedback.

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