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pics are in my sig rig and heres a link to my build log, i butchered it with a dremel though. your idea DESTROYS mine only because i put all my drives up top and removed the entire bottom cage.

build log: https://www.overclock.net/t/1373821/build-log-s-c-o-u-t-2-g-t-r/0_50

i originally had dual rads, an H60 for gpu and H100 for cpu. the metal lip under the top bay i flattened with vise grips so the h100's lines were tucked underneath more. ALSO try to reverse the fan direction in your case. i found out the hard way that my NB and SB were running at 52C because i was blowing the hot air INTO THE CASE. so i turned the top,side, and rear fans to blow in, and the front mount to blow OUT so only fresh cool air is going through the rest of the system instead of the hot air coming in through the rad, passed all the components and out the top. highly recommeneded.

rofl your gonna make it pink, this is gonna look awesome. its a very classy SOLID case that will last a super long time. do a good job on it and show us!
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And here is a teaser picture showing the evil intentions I have planed for her

image by Samantha Andrina, on Flickr

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