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Nice smile.gif
Ya, I got lots work to to do still

How do you & the other guys here get the sata cables so straight out from the mobo to around the cage?

The other thing is the front connection cables, need to work out how to get more around behind

Oh, about the fans,
Well, I've tried something different, all those are intakes tongue.gif
The only exhaust fan is the one behind CPU cooler & I get better temps
Before my CPU/GPU would idle around 35-40 mark, load temps 50 CPU, 65 GPU

Now, both idle at 28-30, CPU Load 45, GPU 55

I have tried the following & got worse for each
Both Top exhaust
Front Top Intake
Removing those 2 behind the cage
etc etc

We don't have air con at our place & it does get faily warm during the day, so getting better temps, so sticking with this
I put filters on the top & extra at the front
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