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Originally Posted by Henners View Post

How do you & the other guys here get the sata cables so straight out from the mobo to around the cage?

Henners, if you look at my second pic above (from behind the MOBO tray) you'll see at the front side of the vertical case frame which is just in front of the tray I did a simple little mod with an aluminum angle with holes drilled in it for thin cable ties. I spaced those holes specifically for the SATA cables so they could be tied down straight out from the MOBO and lying flat. One goes up behind the tray and through the cable hole in the tray to the SSD which is mounted to the front of the tray. (You can see that in the first pic). Three other SATA cables (blue) go to two HDDs and one optical drive in the upper 5.25" bays. Another SATA cable (red) goes to the e-SATA port on the top I/O panel.

In that second pic you can also see the cables from the top I/O routed in the back and in the first pic you can see the fan controller cable coming up from behind the tray to the bottom of the MOBO (a short exposed path). Generally I tried to route cables where they would be out of site and/or could be tied down to case frames or struts. I think some of the small fan cables were even routed between the MOBO and the tray.

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