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Originally Posted by brkbeatjunkie View Post

This is good info but after following the guru3d guide, http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=346325 I'm wondering why they suggest to change the vertical and horizontal pixel count. Even the German pic in this guide on ocn has a massive increase on his horizontal pixel count.

So what is the pixel count and why change or why not change it?

Guru3d says find the highest count on the horizontal and the lowest number on the vertical.

Your guide doesn't change it so I'm wondering who is right, maybe both parties

i do not know biggrin.gif i chose this path because when i entered it manually a always got a black screen.
then i entered manually the pixels as it would the nvidia driver done automatically and it worked.

i will definetily have to look thru this stuff again!

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