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Originally Posted by oldAMDnew2Intel View Post

Hi Everyone,

First, had to open my 840 for a rebuild and discovered this thread/"club"...it's helped a lot. In reading the helpful posts, I would like to be a member of the ACTS 840 club. I just love this case, which by the way, is the only re-usable component I could use for the Intel workstation I'm building. Hopefully, this will be my last one for a while:D.

First, due to where my system is located, the room starts boiling by mid-afternoon and doesn't cool off until after 8 pm!!! I live in an older house where my study gets the rising sun and there's NO air conditioning...so I had to change the CPU cooler from the Antec H2O 920 to Swiftech's H220, as well as add different case fans for exhaust [in addition to taking off the ill-thought-out interior filters]. Also, I'm having a devil of a time with my cable management--both inside and out!

I'd appreciate any help and suggestions with managing all the cables I have. Not only does it look bad, but they reduce air flow and those outside can cause shots due to weight on some [even though I try to keep them off each other].

Programming Kat
OR...oldAMDnew2Intel Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Hello. Welcome. I'm not sure on the way you setup your airflow orientation but those fans behind the drive bays I feel should be pulling air from the front intake without those dust filters. If you're just using them as substitutes for fan grills to protect your cables then you should get rid of them and get actual fan grills. Even if they are oriented the other way...you should just get rid of them since dust filters are meant for all external intake fans in my opinion. Cable management in general requires lots of time, patience, and research. Grab yourself some Velcro ties, zip ties, or stickies...these are going to be your friends when you start putting everything together. If you have the white cable tying stick-ons (whatever they're called) that came with the case itself then that's even better....you just have to choose wisely in where you end up putting them. I used to have the same Cooler Master drive cage you have but got rid of it since it made cable management even more tough...I still put in the work though.

The ATCS 840 size itself made cable management very difficult but in your case...you really need to pull those cables toward the back of your motherboard tray. That's why our cases have a decent gap on the right side panel (to hide cables behind). Having more equipment myself made it easier for me to hide cables but if you are really serious about managing your cables then do what is necessary to route cables if it means purchasing longer cables, extenders, or generally better hardware (my new power supply made things easier).

Here's the old setup of mine using the current drive cage you have now...

Then some old pictures of my current setup...

I'm going to be water cooling my CPU soon so I'll post pictures of the new setup when I get everything together (a couple weeks or longer). I hope those pictures can give you an idea of how you may be able to route cables.

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