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Originally Posted by el gappo View Post

Looks good to me

Good to hear!
Originally Posted by billbartuska View Post

Not so good.

I'm not sure air can get to the pot though. This pot weighs probably 3LBS or so and this fiberglass insulation is wrapped so tightly that I can pick up the pot just by the insulation and it won't fall out, I have also tried to slide the insulation off myself and found it was very difficult. Its on there pretty well.
Originally Posted by xXSebaSXx View Post

Should be more than enough as long as you also protect the surrounding areas of the motherboard... I have run my pot with much less than that and not had problems at all... And then; I've had runs where I spent hours insulating the pot, board, PCIe slots, RAM slots and everything else I could think of only to find myself with a dead motherboard in less than ten minutes.
Insulation on the pot is not so much to prevent the condensation from happening, but to keep it to a level where you can control it with paper towels and whatnot.

Yeah I'm thinking of just eraser or maybe eraser and LET for the board.

I really hope I don't end up like you, I'll cry if my GIG Z77X UP7 dies.
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