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Originally Posted by pvp309rcp View Post

Nice build Jakg. Our cases continue to be a rare gem. I'm with you on the black interior but I think my aluminum fans accent the metal nicely so I'm guessing it all depends on how you customize your build. I did notice some rattling on the side panels in the past but I just started to gently bend them (convex/concave?) until it stopped. As for the drive cage, I think they have to be hard modded to remove them...aka drill the rivets off and you're good to go.

Both nice builds.

Black interior. I'd never thought about it until now but I wonder if finishing the interior black has an effect on heat absorbed by the case rather than reflected into the airstream for exhaust. Now assuming a black finish did absorb some heat those parts that are exterior might actually more effectively radiate heat to the outside. Maybe all insignificant with an actively cooled system but case radiation to the outside is a design factor in any of the threads I've read about passively cooled builds... generally those are not overclocked though.

Side panel rattle. Earlier in thread someone mentioned sound deadening materials. The conceptual issue I have with those is the extent they act as insulators holding heat in. Once I'm up and running if rattling is an issue I may instead stiffen the (in)sides with aluminum stock (angles, bars, channels?) to kill the rattle or resonance and also increase thermal mass of the sides and they might just radiate heat to the outside. I'd probably afix with black finished rivets (smooth side out) and I don't mind the industrial look.

Lower drive cage removal. I'm pretty sure it is correct that removal is a "hard mod." I'd have to look inside the case again and at the builds that have done this but it may be that the rear verticals are also supporting the rear of the top 5.25" cage which may not be intended to just be a cantilever with no support below. Also look to see if they support the top fan brackets. In my build since the lower bay is not currently used I just removed all the plastic swap trays and the rear plastic fan bracket and stored them for future use if the need arises. That leaves it all pretty open to airflow, preserves it for future use and needs no mod work at all.

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