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Originally Posted by slh28 View Post

My games do run at 120+ fps in the MSI Afterburner log with vsync disabled. Somehow I don't really notice any increase in smoothness. Maybe it's the microstutter?
Originally Posted by LarsMarkelson View Post

Your games will have to be running at a steady for 120fps for you to notice it I believe.

No not totally...this isn't really an exact science or what have you like most other things related to computers are. But it certainly has more potential to be noticed the closer you get to your refresh rate value. Some people can perceive this type of stuff in general better than others anyway. As I have said before, one thing I can say I notice for sure (even in games like CS where I can push 120 easily) is no more eye strain after longer periods of gaming. Sure, it's smooth but I can't say I see and feel a major difference compared to 60 Hz. But maybe I should now go back and try 60 again before I make that final call.

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