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Originally Posted by DeadGivaway View Post

In my extremely brief experience with gaming at 1080p on this thing, it looked blurry and bad. Another thing you might want to try is 2560x1080 and then you can pretend you have one of those $650 21:9 displays. You'll have black bars top and bottom, but it will avoid any scaling artifacts as all the pixels being used are 1:1 with the source image.

I played Peggle and Age Of Empires III, both of which don't allow going above 1080p.

The image was scaled to fit the screen (keeping the aspect ration so there are black bars on the sides).

I didn't think the image looked too bad. Peggle looks about the same as it did on my 26in Viewsonic (1920x1200 screen) as it always scaled the image as it gives no resolution settings at all. Age of Empires looks pretty bad at its initial resolution but improves when you set it to 1920x1200.

The reality is it will look okay - think about how a movie looks - the VCR looks rubbish, DVD was a big step up and then Blu-Ray was another improvemnt. It is like going back to DVD! We didn't know how bad Video Tapes were before DVD came out! Then when Full HD TVs arrived we realised how bad the Standard Def TVs were.
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