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Just received my Matte X-Star in the mail today! No dead pixels and no noticeable backlight bleed (not that I've actually tested for it). I'm very happy with my purchase!

I picked it up for $295 from bigclothcraft. Ordered on Tuesday, had it shipped out on Wednesday, and got it on Friday! Not bad considering it came from Korea. It was declared as something like $82 and got through customs to Canada for $22 via UPS.

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Wow enough of this stuff already.

Let's all buy iPhone 5 cause it was the last project in development when Steve Jobs checked out.

Oh and let's buy iPhone 6 the year after. Steve would have wanted it that way.
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@ieatchairs-- how many monitors do u have :O :O :O u could run 5 porno movies at the same time biggrin.gif
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