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Originally Posted by Spartan F8 View Post

This came up in teh overclocking thread for PLS displays and i thought it might be a good idea to add to our members list.


Messed around with settings a lot, found a low pixel clock one and believe I'm at my max now.

Occasional green lines max: 118hz
No green lines/perfect picture max: 108hz

Thinking strongly about upgrading to an Nvidia card to hit 120hz cleanly, as I've read Nvidia is superior to AMD for hertz overclocking.

I think people with nvidia have been seeing a bit better results since i have been keeping tabs over the PLS club since it started. I think a good addition that would help this distinction would be to add a video card type to the members list chart. I will go over there and suggest it for you guys thumb.gif

I can't confirm this, and believe me I would be the first person to complain about AMD cards and drivers. I been having a terrible time with my tri fire 7970's this year, so I would be the first to admit and point my finger at AMD. But I can't say I see any evidence that its harder to hit 120hz on AMD. I'm using a 15ft Cable that I had laying around from monoprice and its hitting 120hz just fine I have not tried any other cables yet, also haven't tried going higher clocks yet.
From reading the threads to me high end GPU's like 7970, 7950, 680, 670, Titan will have no problem with 120hz. Its not a AMD vs. Nvidia thing with this.

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