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Originally Posted by apav View Post

Does anyone have a color profile for 110hz? The one in the OP for 110hz has a dead link. I would really appreciate it if someone has one for 110hz smile.gif

As per the OP, you can download calibration profiles from TFT Central::
Originally Posted by wntrsnowg View Post

Calibrations posted [CLICK] here at TFT Central may be stock factory and/or personal calibrations for said monitors. Personally, out of every calibration profile posted here, the Asus PB278Q V3.icc looked the best on my monitor, and is a favorite for others as well.
Name brand monitors that have the same PLS panel internally Go to tft central and download these:
Asus PB278Q
Samsung S27A850D
Viewsonic VP2770-LED

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