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Originally Posted by DeadGivaway View Post

When I tried to run the Metro 2033 benchmark @ 120hz, the monitor was losing the signal or de-syncing or something that caused the screen to go black except for the stuck pixel. I used EVGA Pixel Clock OC to set the highest pixel clock that would still show up in custom resolutions as 120 and not 121Hz, and now it runs perfectly fine. This may also be related to the issue I was having before with rebooting. I won't be testing that theory for a while though, I have safe mode fatigue.

This may also explain at least partially some of the variance that people are seeing between different cables, it is possible your pixel clock was not high enough. Something to try messing with I think for those who haven't been able to get as high a refresh as they'd like.

I hope that helps someone.

indeed, it is.
Btw, why didnt you cover height in your test?
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