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How to volt mod ASUS GTX 780 DCUII. How to volt mod ASUS GTX 780 DCUII with Voltage controller CHL8318 up to 1,300V: Spoiler! (Click to show)
VOLT MOD FOR ASUS GTX 780Ti DCUII with Voltage controller CHL8318 up to 1,300V

Go to profiles folder inside Afterburner folder :
Now open the: VEN_10DE&DEV_1004&SUBSYS_27843842&REV_A1&BUS_3&DEV_0&FN_0.... files inside the profiles folder and add
these lines:
Disclaimer: For those who want to try it AT YOUR OWN RISK

VDDC_Generic_Detection = 0
VDDC_CHL8318_Detection = 44h

Now save and close notepad and restart Afterburner, it will ask you to reboot!
Thanks to Occamrazor thumb.gif

Flash Tip's and Trick's Flash Tips and Tricks: Spoiler! (Click to show)

When you do
nvflash --protectoff

A pop up message will show up to choose which GPU you want to flash.
Than you type
  • 0 >> First GPU,
  • 1 >> Second GPU,
  • 2 >> Third GPU and
  • 3 >> Forth GPU.

This choose message only pop's up if you have multiple GPU'S
If you have single GPU it does it automatically.

Side note
If you have a bad flash and cannot flash the GPU again with those command
  • nvflash -6
  • nvflash -4 -5 -6
  • nvflash -override -6

This command
  • nvflash -i0 -4 -5 -6
Will override all those tree command above and force the flash to the first GPU. Just remember to change the instance # by follow, 0, 1, 2, 3

How to read memory manufacturer on the GPU without removing the Cooling system. Read memory manufacturer on GPU: Spoiler! (Click to show)
FtW420 shared some info somerewhere that I could not remmeber where but I read it. How to read the memory manufactory without removing the cooling system.
By using the Nvinspector
just roll over the mouse into the blue box where is the GDDR5

Guide: Fix for a cold boot black screen after flash Guide: Fix for a cold boot black screen after flash. any GPU.: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Here is a quick guide for a cold boot black screen it is valid for any circumstances when flash any GPU.
  1. Shutdown pc remove the PSU power cable
  2. Remove both 8pin cable from GPU
  3. Press power button in the rig to discharge the PSU and the rest of power in the circuit board
  4. Wait about a minute ( two minutes recommended )
  5. Plug back the PSU power cable
  6. Do not plug back the two power cable to GPU.
  7. Turn on PC boot into UEFI or Bios and enable IGPU ( GPU integrated in the CPU ) if you don't have extra GPU to put in the first slot exit and save
  8. Boot into windows and wait just a bit to drivers load
  9. Open GPU-Z you will see the GPU there but you cannot use it yet because it is only powered by PCI-E only
  10. Open nvflash and flash back to working bios or vBios and have fun.
Play safe

How to remove Nvidia drivers guide by BradleyW Guide by Bradley: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I do like to disconnect from internet ( disable the network card or wireless till you get it done ) when I use his guide to remove the Nvidia drivers. If you are connected to the internet Windows 8 ( my OS, dunno about Windows 7 ) keep installing Nvidia drivers after you removed it.
Driver sweeper has been known to remove important chipset files which will result in errors such as instability. Some users have reported that the sweeper software removes “False positives” and may cause the user issues when trying to install software such as drivers. The error usually reports that an .ini file is damaged. Over long term use of driver sweeper, it could cause several underlying issues which will do more harm than good.

This guide is an alternative, which removes all the files and registry entries that need to be removed for a successful uninstall. This is useful for upgrading/downgrading drivers or switching to another brand of card.

Guide (Nvidia)

1. Go to Add/Remove Programs

2. Uninstall all Nvidia associated software (May require several reboots)

3. Reboot the computer and log back into windows as normal

4. Go to folder options and select “show hidden files and folders”

The next part of the guide will remove all Nvidia files and folders from the computer.

5. Go to your C drive and remove any “Nvidia” folders if there is any

6. Double click the “Program Data” folder (Normally hidden) and remove all Nvidia folders

7. Go back to C and double click “Program Files” and remove all Nvidia folders

8. Go back to C and double click “Program Files (x86)” and remove all Nvidia folders

9. Go back to C and double click “Users”

10. Access the name of your windows profile and double click “AppData” (Normally hidden)

11. Check the “Local”, “LocalLow” and “Roaming” folders for any Nvidia folders and remove them.

12. Go back to “Users” and check the “Default” folder (Normally hidden)

13. Double click “AppData” (Normally hidden)

14. Check the “Local” and “Roaming” folders for any Nvidia folders and remove them.

The next part of the guide will remove registry entries left by the Nvidia drivers.

15. Close everything down and go back to your desktop

16. Click start, then type “regedit”.

17. Click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and extend the folder

18. Click “Software” and extend the folder

19. Remove all Nvidia Folders

20. Click “Wow6432Node” and extend the folder (Within the software folder)

21. Remove any Nvidia folders

22. Click “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and extend the folder

23. Click “SOFTWARE” and extend the folder

24. Remove all Nvidia Folders

25. Click “Wow6432Node” and extend the folder

26. Remove all Nvidia Folders

27. Click “HKEY_USERS” and extend the folder

28. Click “.DEFAULT” and extend the folder

29. Click “Software” and extend the folder

30. Remove all Nvidia folders

31. Click “S-1-5-18” and extend the folder

32. Click “Software” and extend the folder

33. Remove all Nvidia folders

34. Click “S-1-5-21-1632250243-966907716-928185508-1000” and extend the folder

35. Click “Software” and extend the folder

36. Remove all Nvidia Folders

37. Close down regedit and empty your recycle bin

38. Undo the folder options change to hide the hidden folders

39. Reboot

40. Install your AMD/Nvidia drivers and reboot

(Remember, if you look in some of the folders mentioned in this guide but don’t have any Nvidia folders, just move to the next appropriate step. This means the uninstall option has removed such files for you. But as we know, the uninstaller still leaves a lot of things behind)
Edited by BradleyW - 7/19/12 at 10:54am

How to OC How to OC and understand the increment of 13: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by skyn3t View Post

No guine big cuz I won't and I never inject venomous into it only Power!!! tongue.gif
Nice chart he just made.

Ok let me clear this up Nvidia has been on that table for such a long time. IIRC Fermi has increment of +5 not sure but and error margin of -2 kepler has increment of +13 error margin of -1.
Sometimes even if you dial +13 in such a core clock close to any number by half I mean 901.5 Mhz and you add +13 to move tha cloc clock up you need to add the error margin +1 in order to get going and use the increment +13.

Some architecture has the error margin of -3 to -6 depends on how they clock the GPU. I know it is a such a bug but It is what it is. upsidedwnsmiley.gif
It is good that you guys start this conversation here because I have seen many video review on YouTube the guys keep add round numbers to OC the GPU. I had changed my pant's many time lol

EVGA PRECISION X FAQ understand the Values to OC: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Q. What is Frame Rate Target and what does it do?
A. Frame Rate Target limits your framerate to the specified setting. On 600 series cards, the frame rate limiter will also allow the card to limit the amount of power utilized to match the specified framerate. Note: you must restart the application for the setting to apply.
Q. Can I type in values?
A. Yes, this can be done by simply clicking on the numerical value that you wish to change. After clicking you can type in a value.
Q. I set an overclock too high and my screen is distorted! How can I revert it?
A. You may try to press + to immediately reset clock frequencies to defaults. If you applied unsafe clock frequencies at Windows startup and your screen is distorted when Windows starts you may hold after logging in Windows to prevent these clocks from being applied.
Q. How can I set a custom fan curve?
A. Click the Fan Curve button, then select “Enable software automatic fan control”. After this you can setup a custom fan curve.
Q. When I adjust voltage on my 600 series card, the value doesn’t stick! What do I do?
A. The 600 series cards are very dynamic, and adjust voltage in real time to match the operating frequency. On a 600 series card, the voltage slider specifies a "maximum" voltage. Note: On a 600 series card, setting a custom voltage level does not always allow for higher overclocks, in fact it may even decrease clocks by increasing heat and power draw. It is not recommended to change voltage on 600 series cards.
Q. What is Power Target and how does it affect my card?
A. Power Target is a power limiter. Increasing the Power Target will increase the available power to your graphics card, allowing for higher overclocks, or higher boost clocks. NOTE: Increasing this value may increase your GPU temperature. This feature is only available on 600 series graphics cards.
Q. What is a Clock Offset?
A. Clock offsets are the new way to overclock for 600 series graphics cards. You overclock by setting an offset value, this value is + or – every prequalified clockspeed. EG: If your boost clock is 1058MHz, setting a +100MHz offset will make your boost clock 1158MHz. Note: This setting only applies to 600 series graphics cards.
Q. How do I enable the On-Screen Display (OSD)?
A. Click the Monitoring button, select the feature you wish to see on screen, and select "Show in On-Screen Display"
Q. Why is my GPU Clock is jumping all around on my 600 series card?
A. This new architecture dynamically changes the GPU Clock depending on the temperature, application and power draw. You may see this lower or higher speeds depending on the application.
Q. I enabled the OSD, but I do not see it in my games! What's wrong?
A. Firstly, the OSD is not compatible with 100% of applications, in particular those that are natively 64bit. (eg. 3DMark11) If your application is not a native 64bit app, and the OSD is still not applying, try changing the On-Screen Display rendering mode from Vector 3D to Vector 2D. You can do this from the Statics Server icon in your system tray.
Q. My Test button is grayed out.
A. This is meant to be used when EVGA OC Scanner is also installed. Selecting the test button will automatically load a 3D stress test.
Q. Does EVGA Precision X need to be running in the background to set clockspeeds and settings?
A. No, EVGA Precision does not need to be running, just make sure to select the Apply button before exiting.
Q. I see Power (Optional), GPU Clock and Memory Clock in the monitoring window, how can I view more?
A. Simply double click this area to show all vitals.
Q. How do I change what graphs are shown at the bottom of Precision X?
A. Click on monitoring. The top 3 graphs listed will be shown at the bottom of the application. Drag and drop items from the list to arrange which graphs are shown.

Apps & skyn3t Precision X skin download. EVGA PRECISION X 4.2.0 GTX 780 skin By skyn3t: Spoiler! (Click to show)

EVGA Precision X OC software download link

EVGA PRECISION X 4.2.0 GTX 780 skin By skyn3t
GTX780.red.By.skyn3t.zip 534k .zip file

EVGA PRECISION X 4.2.0 GTX 780 green skin By skyn3t
GTX780.green.zip 643k .zip file

EVGA PRECISION X 4.2.0 GTX 780 red v2 skin By skyn3t
GTX780.red.v2.zip 663k .zip file

EVGA PRECISION X 4.2.0 GTX 780 red v2 skin By skyn3t
GTX780.yellow.By.skyn3t.zip 826k .zip file

GTX 780 Water Block GTX 780 Water Block list by wermad: Spoiler! (Click to show)

GTX 780 Water Block list by wermad, How he did Here how he did: Spoiler! (Click to show)
wermad update june 13 post #2841
Originally Posted by wermad View Post


@Sky, new Bitspower blocks:

Thanks to Juthos

Titan SE (not XXL), looks like they redesigned the vrm channels/paths and have extended the top piece to cover the whole pcb:





Watercool Heat Killer:


GTX 780 Review by brand: Spoiler! (Click to show)
GeForce GTX 780 SLI and Multi monitor review

Power Consumption by TDP in watt Single and SLI TDP in watt Single and SLI: Spoiler! (Click to show)


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3 GB Score 9.2

Gigabyte GTX 780 WindForce OC 3 GB Score 9.4 Gigabyte GTX780 Windforce RushKit: Spoiler! (Click to show)

EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked w/ ACX Cooler 3 GB Score 9.4 EVGA ACX Cooling - Full Trailer: Spoiler! (Click to show)

EVGA ACX Cooling System Pics how it is build together
I had a bit of work to get this pictures from the above video by EVGA and had Photoshopped all of them. hope you guy like it
EVGA ACX Cooling System Pics how it is build together: Spoiler! (Click to show)

GeForce 314.22 modified to support Vista, W7 and W8 and GTX 4way SLI. How to install nv_disp MoDeD file: Spoiler! (Click to show)
How to install nv_disp MoDeD file: Spoiler!]

Thank videocardz for recognizing my effort and shinned the truth to our community.
PS: I hate making videos but here is a quick guide with every step how you prepare the 314.22 drivers with moded inf file.
Reason I picked 314.22 drivers
  • Very stable drivers on 600's series
  • It does support Titan GPU, so it means I does have all necessaries files to enable the GTX 780 even more with 4way SLI.

nv_disp.314.22-Vista.W7.W8.zip 20k .zip file

Newer drivers above 320.00 this nv_disp won't work. the 4way sli is locked in software by Nvidia. frown.gif

1 - Download the Nvidia 314.22 from Nvidia site and save it to Desktop. Download Link

2 - Download the Nvidia 314.22 nv_disp.inf moded.

3 - Check "C:\" drive If you have "Nvidia" folder there. If yes delete it first.

4 - Click the Nvidia setup file "314.22-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql.exe" you just dowbloaded from Nvidia site and let it extract to C:\Nvidia. The setup will fail because the 314.22 drivers only have support to Titan GPU.

5 - Go to "C:\" and open "Nvidia" folder. In the search box top left corner type "nv_disp" without quote.
Right click on "nv_disp" and choose "Open file location" and replace it "you can drag and drop and override the original file with "nv_disp" moded you just downloaded.

6 - Since Nvidia 314.22 has no support for GTX 780 you need to boot into Windows vista / 7/ 8 
with "Disable Driver signature enforcement"
Disable driver signature enforcement in
How to turn off driver signature enforcement in windows 7
How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 8

7 - After you boot into Windows with "Disable Driver signature enforcement". Just go to where the files was extrated "step #3 "C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\314.22\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\English" click the "Setup" file and voala let it install, reboot and done smile.gif
have fun

How to Create Forum Signature & Show Your RiG Info Guide: Spoiler! (Click to show)
How to Create Forum Signature & Show Your RiG Info How to Create Forum Signature & Show Your RiG Info.

Since people find it too hard to create I decide to make this short guide to help everyone in the community to get the sig rig showing.

why this is important ?

Because if you get into hardware issue we all know what hardware you are using. it does make it easy to help and faster. sometimes the answer will be much faster than you think.

Instead ask what hardware you have.
short list but we fine more inside the rig tongue.gif
  1. Mobo
  2. CPU
  3. GPU
  4. RAM
  5. PSU
  6. CASE
  7. RAD
  8. RES
  9. PUMP
  11. FAN CONTROLLER and soo one...

Everything is marked to make thing easy just follow the pictures and you get this done in less than 5 minutes and save us 1 hour just asking what hardware you are using.

1 Top header click on "My Profile"

2 Scroll all the way down and look for it "CREATE RIG"

3 Rig Builder, Give it a name ex: "My RiG" , click "TYPE" from drop down menu and selet what type of
rig you want to create. ex: "Gaming Rig"
Click Save and Continue

Fill this infor as much as you can if you don't remember the brand name and name of you hardware looks the
boxes you bought it and write it down there.
Click Save and Continue

5 Product Match it will show what harware you have sometimes it won't OCN data base need more update don't worry.
click "MATCH" in waterever product you have. wen done
Click Save and Continue

6 Now it show the product "MATCH" , give a quick look at it, if anything is wrong click "CHANGE" after done.
Click Save and Continue

7 Purcahse Info
If you want to fill this, It Is up to you or just skip it and
Click Save and Continue

8 Performance
If you want to fill this, It Is up to you or just skip it and
Click Save and Continue

9 Finally you got just created you RiG but you are not done yet.

10 Go back to "My Profile" top header scroll all thw ay down.
"Your Forum Signature"

11 Edit Forum Signature, click "Show of your stuff" from drop down menu and select "MY RIG"
click "PREVIEW"

12 Preview Forum Signature, Now you just about to finish it. "MY RIG" will show, click "SAVE"

14 Your Forum Signature is done.Now it will be visible to everyone.

PS: sorry for my typ0 and I don't like numer 13 tongue.gif

Thread Sig (Click to show)
If your sig is in "plain text"
[center]:clock:[thread=1393791][b] [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Owner's Club[/b][/thread]:clock:[/center]

If your sig is in "rich text"
<center><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/post-flame-small.gif" title="Post Flame Small" /><a href="https://www.overclock.net/t/1393791/official-nvidia-gtx-780-owners-club" title="Overclock.net - Overclocking.net - Thread 1393791"> [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Owner's Club" </a><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/post-flame-small.gif" title="Post Flame Small" /></center>

Once you use Rich Text in a post etc, there's no way to revert that post etc to plain text, AFAIK

♦░▒▓█▓█ [Official] EVGA 780 Ti Classified k|ngp|n Owner's Club] █▓█▓▒░♦
♦░▒█▓▒░♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Owner's Club] ♦░▒█▓▒░♦
-=]░▒▓███ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Owner's Club ███▓▒░[=-
█▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓
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