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Originally Posted by xXSebaSXx View Post


All you need is a backplate strong enough to keep good pressure on the pot... The rods, springs and nuts can be found at any HW store. You just need to find the rod size that fits through the holes on the motherboard/backplate and then buy springs and nuts that fit that rod. I'd say $20 gets you all you need.

Perfect, I have several backplates already. biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post

Or you can get the parts you need direct from Koolance, some other resellers probably have them as well but haven't checked it out. Here is what you need.

Backplate for that pot

Here is the mounting hardware, unfortunately it is missing the piece that screws into the bottom pegs. Personally on my Koolance I just have moved towards just using 6/32 threaded rod that I got from my hardware store and the springs and knurled nut from the package that I linked above.

Hope that helps

Yes, that helps tremendously, thanks! thumb.gif
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