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Originally Posted by _LDC_ View Post

thanks for your reply ^^

I will dig more into most of the titles you suggested (Mass Effect, Dragon Age), will probably avoid Penumbra and Amnesia (back in the days I had my share already with Chtuhlu/Horror ecc, looking for a change ^^ ).
Yup I am from pizzaland, and never heard of that game: if it impressed you so much it must be very good, but you also say that it will "test me". What do you mean with that? if it's too complex I won't have the time to dive into it, I am kinda casual so I won't be able to focus for hours and hours every week on puzzles or such, it would just make me uninstall it xD

since I am taking a look on games review sites, I also stumbled upon these titles and would like OC's opinion, so what about: Deus EX (Human Revolution), Bioshock, Hitman, Assassin's Creed?

Anna will test you mentally, it has extremely challenging puzzles. You can always look up help if you get stuck, even I had to at one point. The Deus Ex games are story-driven RPGs and worth a try. I have Human Revolution but haven't gotten around to it yet. The same applies to Bioshock, they're supposed to have a unique style and good story, but I haven't played it yet. Hitman isn't particularly story driven, and Assassins Creed tries but doesn't measure up to some of the other titles discussed here.
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