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Originally Posted by stl drifter View Post

hokies , what is your opinion on this card as a miner or do you have prefer a different one.


For mining BTC it is all about your Core clock.

So once again it comes down to Luck / cooling

Id just get the cheapest card / best cooler you can.
Originally Posted by PR-Imagery View Post

But what exactly is it "mining"? What is the data that its calculating?
I've ran my hardware occasionally but its totally not worth it for me; nice that they've finally allowed discussion on here.


Think of it as folding but getting paid to fold.

In a pool all Miners hash rate Mines the block a Bit coin block has 25 bit coins in it.

When the block is solved the 25 bit coins is Distributed among everybody in the pool based on how many shares you have mined.
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