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Originally Posted by Mygaffer View Post

It 100% will not effect your drives. I have taken an electromagnet used for wiping old school video tape and ran it over a hard drive, did nothing to the data, I also took a very strong rare earth magnet and ran it over a hard drive, again, nothing the data was completely intact.

The only thing an un-sheilded speaker might damage is a CRT display, and even that is not permanent.

Well reading the rest of the thread looks like we have all come to a consensus. I like TwoCables but you did one thing I hate, and that is believing something with no evidence and when evidence to the contrary is pointed out. The word for it is magical thinking. We are all pretty left brained people here, we hopefully rely on facts and science (i.e. testing it out). I've tested it out and modern hard drives are just not vulnerable to any kind of magnet that you would normally have around your house.


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