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Originally Posted by Vesku View Post

"Nvidia Corp. has blamed its partners among computer makers for frequent re-branding of their products. The company said that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to constantly offer customers something new, which is why Nvidia is forced to rename its old products."


As for AMD at E3, I can see latest graphics cards being 7990, though it would be better PR for them if they demo the next gen. They've been showing off Kaveri at Computex so why not Jaguar (console), Kaveri, and next gen discrete at E3.

Taken from that article "rebrands are OEM-only products and would never be seen within the retail space."


Nvidia rebranded the entire 6XX desktop series into the 7XX desktop series. That is nothing to do with 'OEM's'.

Sneaky sneaky Nvidia.

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