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Great! That might mean I could pick up two cheap HD7950's from some performance-hungry fools and return to trifire! biggrin.gif
I'm not even joking, it would be great for me, since a 7950 goes for ~355$ in my country and the 7970 goes for ~460$ retail at best.
I love the generation shifts, since it means somebody on a forum is gonna try to sell their A-OK high-end GPU for, like, ~250-280$ so they can get the "greatest and newest".

Llano > Trinity biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by iSlayer go_quote.gif

In all seriousness, this is more blatant advertising than what you get out of flippin, stalkerIT, maarten, and the rest of the AMD Advertising department on OCN. They're at least a little less obvious that they're marketing drones as funded by AMD.
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