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Originally Posted by Urobulus View Post

Damn I didn't see this one before... o_O

I was planning to buy a Corsair 540, the design just plain struck me and it was love at first sight, but this one litterally gives me A BONER!!! biggrin.gifthumb.gif

Unfortunately it's a Lian Li... And that comes with a ridiculous unjustified price tag usually... Just watch: wouldn't surprise me if they ask 300-500$++ for that case...
i too fell in love with the 540 but lack of visible psu is a huge turn off. and i know other manufacturers are gonna copy and modify it. it will be a hit.

i did some research on lian li and i'm a little impressed. they are a korean company and have a bit higher stands compared to chinese stuff. and word is they are still taking feedback on the design of the pc-d600 before they release it. imo its the closest thing to perfection.

i know someone will hit it right be it lian li or coolmaster. i'm just not feeling that 540 like that. but the build is super.

i was at another forum and a lian li guy contacted me on facebook asked me to check out that pc-d600.
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