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My x48 REX finally arrived and i am pretty clued up on insulating the the top side of the board.

My First question is how to insulate the underside??

I have eraser only so no LET i can find here. I also have the the normal house hold stuff like paper towels. have a big sheet of neoprene as well.

Also i have this stuff called 261 LANKO PowerSeal since i couldn't find amaflex so i am wondering if it is a good alternative.
The link might open in Thai but you can click on the International button at the top.

Also this LANKO stuff is pretty thin so i was thinking of wrapping a layer around the pot to seal the bottom to the top, then encase the pot with the tubing that came with it then paper towels or what not, does this sound OK??

Note: I have access to DICE only atm and also i am not concerned about any residue left. So if Vaseline should be used anywhere, please do tell.

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