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Originally Posted by Inglewood78 View Post

Subbed for some copper tube goodness!

Hehe, that will be the next big challenge to solve: Bending the copper tubes so that it all
comes together nicely.

Cable-wise I still have to do the CPU1 power cables, the PCI-E aux cable on the M/B as well
as the cooling system (pumps, fans etc.). I must admit I'll be very glad once that's finally done.
Making your own cables is fun and all, but in the end I'll probably have spend about 30 to 50
hours on making cables and doing cable management, so I'll be good for a while. rolleyes.gif

After that I'll get busy with the copper tubing. I'll probably have to make my own bending
apparatus because I haven't been able to find a 15 mm bender that doesn't cost an arm
and a leg (plus, all the ones I've been able to find have bend radii which are way too large
for my purposes, I need to find the tightest radius which doesn't ruin my pipes).

Thanks for the sub! smile.gif
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