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This is a build log for my new build. I sold my sig rig for $1350 (with keyboard and mouse, no graphics card, all accessories - i7-3770k, ud5h, 4x2 PSC, sleeved paracord, led, custom window), and, given that I needed a better monitor, I pretty much had to make a totally new system from scratch, every single component (besides speakers and mousepad).

I'm modding the case, but basically it's just a great high-end system using the absolute best value parts possible (erring on the side of quality over bottom budget, though I think for my usage, it's very value focused since power consumption, overclockability, IMC performance, CPU performance, matter to what I do).

I do GPGPU work, I play a CPU intensive, dual-threaded game (Sc2), and stream H264 in [email protected] while gaming (ie extremely cpu intensive, multi-threaded, RAM speed dependent). So extreme overclockability for 24/7, power efficiency and consumption, and aftermarket CPU and GPU cooling matter to me.

The Plan: Fit an H110 into a good value mid-range case, mod a window (easy, great looking mod), and sleeved paracord extensions and case cables (easy, great looking). I cut a window in the side panel (painters tape, jigsaw, then flat file)and used bestbyte u-channel and tapplastic cell cast acrylic, I drilled 140mm mounting holes in the front grill, and I will be using a 5 inch (127mm) hole saw to make holes in the front. Attach H60 to 7950 (using the AM3 mount or cable ties, we'll see).

I will be using Gray/White/Blue sleeving to match the Gray/Blue of the UD3H, and instead of a Blue LED like my Z77 UD3H build, I think I'm going to use a white LEDs. We'll see.
  • Intel i7-4770K [email protected]
    Delidded using Vice Method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbqzGH9Uwbs
    Way better IPC than any other chip, Hyperthreading is a big performance boost in H264, especially with AVX2 (which is utilized by OBS)
  • Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H [email protected] Combo on Special 3-Day Promotion
    I bought an Z87 Extreme4 originally, noticed the VRM is still low quality and that the price listed on Microcenter's website is before the $40 discount is applied (which is not how they listed their z77 boards. Like on Z77, way higher quality than the competition (Extreme4 or Z87-A), good low price, and Blue is cool (Red UD4H, I'm sorry, looks ugly)
  • G.Skill Ripjaws X 2400mhz CL11-13-13-31 1.65v 2x4GB=8GB [email protected] After 10% Off Coupon (listed at $64)
    This RAM is a new kit being sold, it's Double Sided Hynix CFR, which means it hits insane clock rates as Hynix does, but as double sided, it still has bank interleave. I've already played a bit and it does 2600 CL9, I'm hoping it's at least as good as PSC RAM. 2400mhz RAM the same price as the cheapest DDR3? No brainer. But better than PSC? Crossing my fingers that this modern RAM is better than something that came out 5 years ago...
  • Corsair H110 [email protected]
    I picked this because on most reviews, on the low overclocks they test, the H110 averages about 5C better than the H100i, while the Swiftech H220 averages only about 2-3C better. Basically, the difference between the H100i and H110 is half the difference of H110 and H220, and is a significant difference, while the H220 is not significantly better. On a high overclock, this spread will be larger, but basically, the H110 appears to be a league ahead of 240mm coolers, while in a similar league as XSPC kits or H220s (but way cheaper!). I think this is a good value, high level cooler. I did not go with NZXT since they have a terrible reputation for service/RMA, and recently waited over 6 months to get my rebate from them, and it left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Gigabyte 7950 [email protected] Used
    I specifically bought the older version Gigabyte 7950, as it and the Asus model are the only 7950s with Hynix RAM, Core voltage, Memory voltage, and VRM monitoring. The newer gigabytes are locked. I use mine for GPGPU work, where your memory overclock is more important than your core clock.
  • Samsung 830 128gb $80
    I bought a Samsung 840 for $80, swapped it in the other build I had for the 830 that cost me $80 a few months ago because it's a better drive. But I was originally planning to use the 840.
  • Rosewill Capstone 750w [email protected] Sale
    You heard right. I bought it immediately, and decided to deal with the trouble of returning my Rosewill Capstone 450w I just received for $59
  • Bitfenix Shinobi w/Window [email protected] Sale
    Cheap, better case
  • Corsair H60 2013 [email protected]
    To put on the 7950, just a solid 120mm closed loop. A tad bit expensive, there are tons of closed loops for $20-30 on Ebay or sale, but to find a top of the line 120mm rad, brand new, for $39, is a great deal, and worth $5-15 over a some used h50 or 620.


  • Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra $20/Free
    My last tube gunked up half way through (the best way to explain it was when I used it, it must have had a 'cheesecloth' affect and so now the last half of it is just solid metal dust and no liquid, and it's all jammed up) and so CLU sent me a free tube... after I ordered it from a supplier in Germany via Ebay when CLU was $30+ from US suppliers. The best thermal paste, really this stuff is the best value you'll find in cooling. 10C+ temp gains for only $20, only other place you see that is maybe going from stock cooling to Hyper 212+.
  • Enzotech Mosfet Copper Heatsinks [email protected]
    Rip off, I rushed to purchase, I immediately regretted it. I need these to put on the VRM of the 7950 when I mod the h60 onto it. I'll barely cover the VRM, but you can buy like the Arctic Cooling GPU cooling set or like just a straight up 40 pieces of aluminum chipset heatsinks for like $5 on ebay (copper is not that much better, and copper isn't better when you can't cover places because you only have 10 small pieces instead of 40+ for 1/4th the price). Also, uglier.
  • Bifenix Recon Fan Controller [email protected]
    Fan controller to turn every 2, 3, and 4 pin fan into a hardware controlled fan, a beautiful bezel and LCD screen, and 5 temp sensors? Fan controllers are awesome deals. Why buy a PWM fan when you can just use a fan controller that turns any cheap fan a controllable one?
  • 6 x 140mm Yate Loon High, Clear, Blue LED [email protected]
    4 of these are going onto my H110, not going to use those crappy medium speed stock corsair fans. The other 2 will be top exhaust (since I am not using an air cooler, 2 top exhaust is a good thing). I'm going to sell the 2xCorsair 140s for ~$30 on ebay to almost make back the cost of these 6, higher quality, cooler, yates.
  • Cell Cast Acrylic 14.5x15.5inch 1/8th inch thick sheet [email protected]
    Cell cast acrylic looks way better than the crappy plastic that every case window uses. Even the $100+ cases use that crappy plastic windows. It looks great in pictures, it looks great if you don't know better... but stock computer windows look like absolute garbage. Extruded Acrylic looks a lot better. Cell Cast looks like a million bucks.
    80x25mm Antec Fan
    Cannibalized from some 10 year old computer, going to use it on the VRM of the 7950 with some cable ties. Lubed with mineral oil, cleaned, good to go.

    $1209.99 Total

  • Dell U2312HM 23" IPS [email protected] Open Box
    From what I understand, best monitor under $200. Asus appears to have quality control issues and ghosting and worse stand (but a good second choice), the glossy S2340L is a good second choice too. I don't even notice reflections but if I go on long lengths of looking at the computer... I just went with matte like everyone recommends, besides, S2340L appears to have a few issues sometimes.
  • CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Browns [email protected]
    I like Browns slightly more than Blues, but the Rapids have been by far my favorite board, and I've tried every board under $100. Such solid build quality, I had a Rapid Blues for a while. Cheap and Brown and high quality, not much to say here as there isn't even any Browns under $90 otherwise (and RK-9000 isn't nearly as solid, though still decent). I mean what matters is the switch really.
  • CM Storm Spawn [email protected]
    Claw grip mouse that competes with the Deathadder for good, sub-$50 mouse. I liked my Deathadder, but I'm a claw gripper so let's see which I like better. Wish it was blue instead of red though.
  • Steelseries Diablo3 Cloth Mousepad
    Still using it.
    Sanyo DP19640 18.5" LCD & Some super old super heavy beige monitor
    Still using. May sell one because I think you can only use 2 monitors with Haswell (no motherboard has 2xDisplayport slots...), but we'll see, and not sure which I'd throw out. I'd like to use 3 monitors, but I'm running all my monitors off the iGPU and running 7950 off a dummy plug for work. I might use it for SC2, but I'm hopeful that the Haswel iGPU is strong enough to run SC2 on medium 1080.

    $1476.99 Total

    So I want to see what the 6 yates looks like, i might buy a 2m white led strip, i might replace the led's with white, or i might just rely on these blue leds alone (it's 6x4=24 leds!).

    I'll shortly add pics, I just have a ton of components in my closet. I've been moving, busy, and waiting for a few parts to come in the mail before I assemble and OC. I'll post a few pics later!
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