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cables came in (Gray/White/Electric Blue Paracord)

Special thanks to ensourced: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ensourced-Custom-Sleeved-Cables/351225731619723

Great paracord guy, super cheap. Last time I paracorded everything myself, but I went with custom this time since the price difference in a cpu, 2xPCI, and mobo when you sleeve it yourself and have him do it all, is $15 (~$25 vs $40 - and that's not considering the fact if you use multiple colors, it's more expensive for yourself while the same price custom, so for 3 colors frankly it literally cost me the exact same to get a custom job)

. Considering that sleeving just the motherboard extension alone takes all day and burnt fingers, I think it's definitely worth it (lutro0 is good too, but a lot more expensive). I really had to do it myself last time, in order to be confident enough to let someone else do it this time around, since I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy. The guy did a really good job, he even 'rainbowed' them and trained them and gave me a few extra feet so I can do my case cables and stuff.

The blue is a little bit on the dark side for my Z87X-UD3H but unfortunately the next step lighter shade in paracord is Royal Blue (very unshiney and has a very gray, dull tint to it) or Colonial Blue (perfect for the Z77X-UD3H, which is why I used it last time, but way too light for Z87X-UD3H). The Z87X-UD3H's blue is actually darker than the Z77's version. Which is okay, I knew this going in since Ensourced had sent me samples, I'm confident the 3-color pattern and white in the cables will make the Electric Blue appear lighter than it really is.

Here's a really good picture showing how reflective the sinks on the Z87X-UD3H are, it's not just gray, and the shade of blue it is.
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