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Ok time to start another build........... rolleyes.gif Yea I kno, I kno. Im almost done with FATAL, and Im gonna put my "Trench" Build on the back burner for now until I get some funds up and the time to work on it. So I figure meanwhile I use some of the stuff I have laying around to make a Nice budget HTPC with a integrated PS3 as a Twist!.......

Update!*** Got some pics of the testing and GUI Setup with MediaPortal and MPDisplay++ Touchscreen!


ECS A780MG-A Black Series Motherboard
AMD X2 5200+ CPU OC'd @ 2.9Ghz
Xigmatek Apache AM3 Air Cooler
3gb DDR2 6400
AMD Radeon HD 7570 1GB DDR5 Graphics Card
520 Watt Dynex Power Supply
320Gb 2.5" Seagate SATA HDD(Main Drive)
Mimo Touch 2 7" USB-driven Touchscreen Monitor
Sony Bluetooth Remote
Sony Bluetooth Keyboard
Bluetooth 2.1 Dongle
Sony Playstation 3 Slim series 320Gb Unchartered edition

The mobo, Ram, and CPU were from OCN User: MunneY biggrin.gif

AM3 Cooler was from OCN User: Spawne32 biggrin.gif

My planed upgrades after making the case are:

120Gb Corsair Force Series 3 SSD(For OS)
5x 1tb Sata Western Digital Black HDDs
PCI 1xTV Tuner Card(Hauppauge WinTV HVR 2250 or ATI Theater 650 Pro)
PCI 1x Wifi Card
PCI HDMI Capture Card or KVM Switch
RGB Srips
USB RGB Controller

Spent so far:

Motherboard: $34.00
RAM: $Combo
CPU: $Combo
Cooler: $10.00
PSU: $20.50
GPU Card: $39.00
Main Drive: $Spare
TS Monitor: $119.99
Remote: $12.98
Keyboard: $19.98
BT Dongle: $00.99
Total so Far: $257.44

PS3 320Gb: $249.99

Windows 7 Ultimate running MediaPortal
60" HDTV + 7" Touch screen LCD interface


First Im buying more Plexi, both Clear 1/8" and Opage Black 1/16" then im gonna sandwitch them together! The basic I Idea is to show RGB Leds glow threw the clear edges whithout being to bright!


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