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Great guide Darkwizzie!

Folks with Haswell....DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Most are stuck at 4.2-4.3ghz because they never touched their UNCORE. Once you lower your uncore down to 34x or 35x, you can easily increase your multiplier headroom. Sometimes by even 4.6ghz....thats an increase of 400mhz over an initial 4.2ghz....which is a HUGE bump in performance..... compared to the 1% loss in performance by lowering uncore down to 34x or 35x. CORE IS STILL KING. Oh yeah and please....if you have a 2400mhz memory kit...DO NOT run 2400mhz initially. Lower it to 1600mhz and try to see the max potential of the CPU, before raising the memory back to 2400mhz. Most CPUs cannot hold a high overclock (4.7ghz) with a high memory speed (2400mhz)

I have no doubt in my mind that most Haswell samples can run approx 4.5ghz, by playing with these new settings we weren't familiar with on Sandy/Ivy. Good luck thumb.gif

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