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Originally Posted by DizZz View Post

If you get any answers would you mind posting here? Would love to see what you get! thumb.gif

I will keep this thread updated with everything I get or do. I will post any modded bios I get and test. i also posted the overvoltage tool and my stock bios's.

My evbot should also be here tommorrow so I will be able to test that also. I also have a second card to test. once I get a modded bios I will be able to see what this card can really do.

Here is a picture, my camera sucks but you can kind of make out the evbot port. There is also a header for a monitoring thing they sell so I can test the voltage with a voltmeter, but I thnk it's very easy to tell if your card is getting fed extra voltage. it changes a lot. I will try and get everything in the next couple days.

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