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Originally Posted by islandgam3r View Post

Hey guys, I've been hearing alot of talk in recent times about this "Nitrogen Cooling" business, and I am very curious...

How does one go about nitrogen cooling?
What are the benefits?
Where can I get the tools/parts I need to do it?
What are the advantages, pros or cons over Liquid Cooling,Water Cooling, Custom Loop Configs?
Whats the price diff. between all the cooling options above and subzero cooling?

If any body can shed some light on these questions, it will greatly appreciate it.

1) Buy a pot, dewar, thermocouple, insulation and what ever else you may need.
2) Extreme cold temps for extreme overclocking
3) For the Pot you can either get one of the OCN pots, kingpin pots, or EK pots. I would wait for the OCN pots because a lot of us will be selling our KPC pots for reasonable prices.
Dewar ebay, closing labs, whole sales or rent one from airgas/praxair but you will need a trailer
Thermocouple ebay or amazon
4) LN2 is not a long term solution
5) LN2 is about $600 to get into between your thermocouple, dewar and cpu pot. That is if you find really good prices. But LN2 is about $1.50-3 per liter depending on where you get it and how much you get at a time. 30L of LN2 lasted me about 8 hours on CPU only

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