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Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post

Probably the biggest thing you need to know is that LN2 and DICE cooling are not really "cooling solutions". They are simply short term (several hours) cooling in order to run benchmarks at the absolute maximum speed because you can keep your temperatures very low, which allows higher than normal voltages to be run safely.


The best, most practical cooling to use for everyday system useage is a H2O system. These are rather cheap, not hard to setup and offer better cooling than typical aircooling does.
There are some air coolers that work great but in the overall a watercooled system runs cooler and you don't have the temp swings air alone has. Getting a setup such as this for example ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106189 ) is a good way to go. There are better setups than this you could get or maybe do a custom build like I have, that is the CPU block, pump and the like are purchased separately and setup the way you want it instead of a setup that's complete and ready to go in a single package.

I'm sure the guys here can give some good suggestions in this area if you decide to go with one of these H2O setups along with advice on how to go about getting it up and running.

BTW you can ask questions in the water cooling part of the forum and browse thorugh that section to learn more about it.

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