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Originally Posted by MX5J6 View Post

Thanks for the quick response, thinking i am going to go with an E8500 and the P5B-DLX, does that seem like a good place to start? Also how much RAM would I actually need? As well as how big of a PSU I should look into?

I have no experience in 775 yet but from what I've heard the P5B is a good board for basically any 775 CPU. You can go even cheaper if you want and get like a 352 or multiple as far as that goes. Ram can't really say but I would think 2GB would be plenty and the PSU you don't anything overly large. I have an ax860 for my benching rig but that is only because it came out of my main rig when I went to the 1200i. If you have any plans to expand in the future you may as well go ahead and get a larger PSU. I know a lot of the guys here use 2-3 1200W but that is benching 4 way sli and power hungry CPU.

Also I forgot to include in my TLDR that if you do Dice you probably wont need the thermometer and definitely wont need the dewar.

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