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Originally Posted by Masta Squidge View Post

Define slow, the afternoon would be the 3-4 hours I have between getting home from work and going to bed. Which are usually occupied with more important things.

Some people work 50-60 hours a week.

And it is no more dangerous than any other watercooling setup, if the fittings are, again, outside of the PSU case.
Back when most TV repairs were done by American techs, shops generally had a 2 hour limit on labor, and that was for both diagnosis and board level part replacement, not something as simple as a capacitor swap.

Unfortunately the There I Fixed It.com style fixes aren't too far removed from some DIY work I've seen, including where zip cord was run inside walls and fastened with regular staples laid down really firmly against the insulation. People like that can't be trusted around water and high voltage. Show me how a retail water cooled PSU can pass UL or CSA testing.
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