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Originally Posted by CAxVIPER View Post

Start with DICE and see if you like it. You will need a pot(Marksman, Kingpin, or EK), thermocouple, and dewar if you decide to do LN2. If you do dice you can do with only the Pot. If you can I would wait for the marksman v2 to come out because a lot of the people that use KPC pots will be switching so you should get a pretty good deal on one. New you are looking at $250-$280 for a KPC and $300+ for a marksman. Thermocouple will run you anywhere from $100-$300 depending on what brand you get. Dewar will run you $200-$500 for a 30-50L. For DICE you only need the pot and some acetone. I would start off maybe with 775 as it will be cheapest. Check This thread for suggestions on 775 hardware. Just go back like 2-5 pages and you should find a lot. I'm just getting into 775 so the guys have been helpful. Dice is also a lot cheaper than LN2, DICE is about $1-$1.25 per pound where if you get LN2 you will probably be paying $2-$5/L until you get established with the company. Now if you want to rent a 160L+ dewar from them they will give it to you at around $.70/L but you will have a delivery charge and rental charge which will make it about $1.30-$1.50/L.

I would buy a cheap GPU but don't run it under LN2

Start with DICE and 775
If you like it then look into LN2
If you can wait a little a lot of us with KPC pots will be selling to move to the marksman pots and it will save you $50-$100

Final thoughts, start reading up on insulation guides and stuff like that

He doesn't really need a thermocouple if he's doing dice on 775 chips that don't care about the cold.

Also remember if you think your up to it, you can make your own homemade pot. (Plumbing experience and possibly HVAC experience required for the brazing)
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Originally Posted by MX5J6 View Post

Thanks for the quick response, thinking i am going to go with an E8500 and the P5B-DLX, does that seem like a good place to start? Also how much RAM would I actually need? As well as how big of a PSU I should look into?

I have no experience in 775 yet but from what I've heard the P5B is a good board for basically any 775 CPU. You can go even cheaper if you want and get like a 352 or multiple as far as that goes. Ram can't really say but I would think 2GB would be plenty and the PSU you don't anything overly large. I have an ax860 for my benching rig but that is only because it came out of my main rig when I went to the 1200i. If you have any plans to expand in the future you may as well go ahead and get a larger PSU. I know a lot of the guys here use 2-3 1200W but that is benching 4 way sli and power hungry CPU.

Also I forgot to include in my TLDR that if you do Dice you probably wont need the thermometer and definitely wont need the dewar.

I agree the P5B Deluxe is good for generally any 775 but it requires vmods after a certain point.
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