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Originally Posted by biz1 View Post

I have done enough in C/Java/Python/PHP/C++/Ruby...
ahh fair enough. Sorry for the judgement earlier smile.gif
Originally Posted by biz1 View Post

Ruby is linguistically sound... I just don't recommend it to veteran programmers because of the syntax.
Just out of interest, why is that? I've not had much exposure of Ruby before this thread so interested in hearing others experiences.
Originally Posted by biz1 View Post

Languages are just tools to accomplish tasks. I judge them based on how good they are at accomplishing them.
Couldn't agree with you more there smile.gif
Originally Posted by biz1 View Post

The core is really just good object-oriented programming which will look similar in almost any language, but PHP has things which make it a lot more productive. I find PHPs linguistic quirks to be solvable, whereas other languages' productivity issues are not.
While we're going to have to agree to disagree on PHP specifically, I do whole heartedly agree with your sentiment about picking a language based on what productivity and your points in the past about how development time is often more important than execution time (obviously to a point - with all things there's a balance and occasions when other criteria become a bigger priority). smile.gif
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