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Originally Posted by biz1 View Post

the "Ruby way" of doing basic flow control and loops is different from older languages
It is generally "better" as it can more closely model the flow of data

just depends what you are used to. hard to explain the syntax differences... just look at code examples i guess
I had done before and it just looked like the standard imperative OOP paradigm with a mixture of Perl and ALGOL-like syntax. The biggest difference I noticed was how variables and constants can be used as objects (eg "hello world".method)
Originally Posted by MakubeX View Post

I see. I've only set it up for simple stuff and never had to port it, so I haven't had any issues.
You're not going to see a great performance boost from mod_perl from just doing simple stuff. mod_perl really comes into it's own when you're using an all PM interface with custom handlers in place of CGI and mod_perl's Apache libraries (which are written in C++ as opposed to the standard CGI Perl modules which are written in Perl so run slower and consume more RAM per Apache child).

Optimizing mod_perl infrastructures is a job in itself frown.gif
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