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Hi all,

I have been working away today on completing more of the ammo can dissection in order to prep it to receive the internal components. For the most part the back half of the build is complete and ready for priming, painting and assembly (minus a few details).

Case Access

I thought about this one for awhile. Originally I figured I could easily access the interior of the case through the ammo can lids. However, during a trial I found that while I could access the top portion of the case quite easily through the top, the bottom half proved difficult. So I thought about a standard access door. The only problem was that I had two ammo cans stacked together with a lid separating the top half from the bottom. So I decided on two separate access panels (top and bottom). For the access panel doors, I decided to salvage the remainder of the old case not already in service.

Access Opening

First I had to measure out the dimensions of the opening.

The next step was to cut out the opening and file/sand it smooth

Salvage was used to make the panel - I needed something rigid in order to mount a door fan

My fancy high tech bending gadget was used to shape the door.

Final Product

Top Venting

My intent is to put an intake fan in the bottom of the case with a top venting fan - this is the only thing I purchased for this build ( I BitFenix Green LED fan). The rest is salvaged from the old computer or things I had lying around the basement. I wasn't sure how the Dremel would hold up against the top the ammo can as it had a double layer of metal . . . in the end it took one cutting wheel.

I was looking for mesh and in the end I found a metal drywall patch which worked great

This is how the fan will mount to the bottom of the lid.

Dry Fitting

I am now ready to assemble the main portion of the case but before I do that, I wanted to dry fit everything to make sure it all fit. The next step will be to sand, prime, paint and assemble

What you are looking at is actually the back of the case. In order to maintain the integrity of the three stacked ammo cans, the ammo can holding the PSU will be located at the front. You can see the two access doors (one is secured and can be removed using the screws. The black lines on the bottom access door indicates where the intake fan will be. I am thinking about putting a small plexi-glass widow in the top access pane so you can see in . . . What do you think?

These shots show the GPU expansion bays dry fitted. Once everything is painted, this and the mobo tray will be pop riveted to the case.

Looking down at the top venting mesh.

In case you were wondering how I plan to connect the two ammo cans . . . I kept a lip on the bottom the top can and the lid of the bottom can. I will rivet the two together at this point.

The concept complete . . . the front ammo can will also have an access panel so the PSU can be accessed.

There is that pesky gas mask again . . . still keeping that secret until later winksmiley02.gif

Hope you enjoyed.


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