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Window Dressing

Hi all,

Not much of an update, but alas, I have to attend to the yard work today so I thought I would keep it small. For those of you who have played the game, you will know that a few things are very important: (1) never go on the surface without your gas mask and; (2) always scrounge for ammunition.

Right, so I have the gas mask which I will incorporate at some juncture wink.gif . So I figured I should pay homage to another important element . . . ammo.

Look what I got.

Before all you ammo purists say . . . "Hey those are .303 rounds" . . . I would have loved to get my hands on 7.62 x39mm soviet rounds but unfortunately, it was not in the cards . . . So .303 will have to suffice as a stand-in tongue.gif

I wanted to have a clip of ammo but was unable to locate one so I decided to fabricate a clip out of sheet metal . . . this was not the easiest thing to do as the bend required was an 1/8th of an inch so it took some patience to get it right. mad.gif

Okay, the end result may not be pretty but for the most part you won't see the crimped ends. smile.gif

I wanted to age the clip so it looked as though it has been hanging around and reused over time. Started with the base rust colour then a light dusting of black.

The final product.

Oh well the lawnmower beckons sadsmiley.gif


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