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Originally Posted by skyn3t View Post

is any of use are using msi afterburner to OC your titan's . I don't know if it has already said here but here we go again
they find way to unlock the 1.3v in MSI afterburner it is a softmod.

try it before add any lines'
"cd/" <- to go to root of you c: drive.
"cd program files (x86)" to go to that folder.
"cd msi afterburner" to go to your MSI afterburner folder.
"msiafterburner /ri4,20,99" or "msiafterburner /ri3,20,99"

if it return to 41 you may have unlocked the 1.3v

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner\Profiles
you must open the VEN_10D......cfg as admin right's

add this line below "msi afterburner must the closed when doing it"



it may work . a lot 780 owners has unlocked the 1.3v

v ally thread and 780 are flooded with this info.

Thanks skyn3t! thumb.gif i was PM you but you beat me to it!!! biggrin.gif


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