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Hey all!! Would you folks mind taking a look at these temps and telling me what you think? Here's the deal... I am moving part by part, as many of us do with our first water loops, into a full custom loop. Currently, I am using this H220, the original res/rad, an add-on 120, and more importantly, two EK 670 DCUII blocks and the EK CSQ bridge (all in my rig in the sig below).

Also, can you more experienced WC'ers out there tell me what I might expect from a fully custom loop with a snugly fit 250mm res, I don't know what pump I should use, and if it's worth looking at the Phobia 400 rad for the front since it's already modded a bit, and should I not have a rad at the top or the back for airflow??

Here are the temps I am getting now. The load is BF3 for 1 hour over 5760 x 1080. Not the most stable game in the world for overclockers... mad.gif

Here is the rig for easy visual reference again:


Before water, but the front situation is the same.

3820 @ 4.3
16GB @ 2133
SSD - OS only
SSD R0 - for games only
3TB HDD - Storage and games I dont want to re-download from Steam
670 4GB SLI @ +120 Core +200 Mem +100 CV +122 PL

So the goal of the rig is GAMING... almost exclusively outside of a few days a month I use it for a larger project for the screen real estate.

Thanks for your help!! Let me know if something doesn't make sense...
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