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dudes I've been over here mad at my GTX 780 for no reason at all and even thought about RMA'n the damn thing.
turns out it was my fault the entire time.

so now I can get back to flashing and overclocking this thing...

I've been troubleshooting what I thought was a bad flash and/or defective card.
couple of symptoms were high idle temps, long cooling downtime and throttling when max'd on flashed BIOS.
well the problem is/was my bottom 120mm fan by my PSU, it was blowing directly into the sensor on my GTX 780 causing it to run hot.
so taking the rig down for some maintenance I cleaned it out and then swapped the fan around making it an outtake.
dropped my temps throughout the entire rig -3 to 4C..

I know, I know...
I'm already calling myself a dweeb..

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