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Hi all,

Not much done today as I had to deal with that pesky "to do" list. So I did some work on the PSU ammo can. I also thought I would take the opportunity to let you in on what I plan to do with that gas mask . . . well not everything that is . . . I have to keep some things back wink.gif .

So, as I indicated earlier, I was going to use one ammo can to hold the PSU and one of the HDDs. However, I would need to alter the can to accommodate the PSU venting fan and switch. As well, I figured it was going to get very hot in there so I was going to cut an access port through the front side. Finally, I needed an opening to run cable through the PSU ammo can to the main PC ammo cans.

PSU fitted for measurement

Taped for cutting

Final cut

Normally I don't have much luck on these custom cuts but it was spot on this time and the PSU fit perfect. I had to account for a small hump in the bottom of the can which the PSU is going to sit on.

The concept dry fitted

Bear in mind this is not the final paint job and there is still lots of weathering and aging to come . . . you know me . . . if it doesn't look like it was kicked down a hill and buried for 100 years in a nuclear waste dump . . . it isn't finished biggrin.gif

(Front side of the case - PSU access panel open)

(Front side of the case - PSU access panel installed)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . . the gas mask wink.gif

This will be mounted to the case and while I have some plans for it which will unfold over the life of the build . . . suffice it to say it will not be just window dressing ph34r-smiley.gif

(Rear of the case)

(Back side of the case)

Both openings will allow access to the interior of the case. The bottom opening will have the intake fan mounted. The exhaust fan is in the top lid of the top case. I am thinking about incorporating a small plexi window in the top access panel so you can see into the interior of the build (lots of aging will be going on in there as well. Still have to mount the mobo tray.

(Front of the case)

Well that's it for now . . . stay tuned for more.


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