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Originally Posted by headcleaner View Post

I sent Mr.Alex today an email to ask if waterfox is dead or still alive and he replied very fast:

"Waterfox isn't dead. In fact I have someone helping out at the moment so hopefully the next version will be released soon. Every past configuration wasn't compiling due to bugs with ICC so I kept on having to push the date back waiting for patches.

Alex "

So we all have to wait ...........

And another month is gone.........
.....just 10 days to firefox 24 - waterfox is still 18.0.1......

Thank you for your great work Mr.Alex, but I don't see a new waterfox coming around,
2013-01-19 this was the day the last waterfox was released
2013-09-07 is today

2013-08-06 MrAlex wrote:

"Hi everyone,

Just a small post to let you know how Waterfox 23 is coming along:

The big showstopper bug, has been resolved (more information here).
There are various files that ICC doesn't compile, but VC does, so I have to have manually add those files to be compiled by VC

That means if these files are very few, Waterfox will be able to be released!

The website can now also be accessed via https://

Thank you for your patience, I know it's been a long time since the last version of Waterfox, but I've been working since then getting Intel's C++ Compiler to work and some stellar progress has been made!"

......my patience is wearing thin.........

MrAlex, would you be so kind and leave some words here in the thread YOU started??????
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