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Originally Posted by Tarnix View Post

Originally Posted by Hsn786 View Post

Why can't you guys just have some patience, doh.gif ? Mr.Alex hasn't got a hundred workers under him to help him with the release nor he is a one man army? He has a life and since he's doing this for free and in his free time, respect him for that and just be patient.

Well said. Some of the comments here looks more like threats to stop paying for a product than saddened users.
Intimidation doesn't work when the user isn't giving anything in exchange of a product. Actually, it just makes things worse.

Good to know that Waterfox is still being working on. thumb.gif

Agreed to both. As someone who codes, the work only gets done as fast as the compiler does, when it wants to work. Have some patience guys. Mr. Alex is a busy man and will release the latest version when it is possible to release.

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