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It all depends on your budget, the key switch color you like, and the designs and features that you need.

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro/Stealth/TK Cherry MX Brown, Blue
SteelSeries 6Gv2 (large return key) Cherry MX Black
Duckie Zero/Shine (assorted key colors in almost any color and LED combo you want, has detachable USB cable and dip switches I believe, and some fancy light tricks)
DAS (more expensive, nice design, probably not worth the price since most mechanical boards come with LED)
CodeKeyboard (simple design with LED, detachable USB cable, dip switches, though many OCN'ers complain and say it's overpriced)

And if you really want to you can look at the usual mainstream brand like Razer and Logitech:

Logitech G710 (people complained about dying LED lights, not sure if QA is even resolved, has custom macro side keys)
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate/etc... (for the price I'd probably skip it for the others ontop and get better keycaps)

Not much other brands I can think of. There's Rosewill but many people reported QA problem with the cable separating from the board so I'd probably skip it to avoid problems.

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