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Originally Posted by Berserker1 View Post

Does java really have a noticeable impact on latency?

100% positive yes on that one.

Originally Posted by Berserker1 View Post

Why not 0 pre rendered frames? You dont feel any difference between 0 and 1?
I know it cant be really 0, as it does not work that real time, but it doesnt default to 3 in most games, as 3 are noticeable delayed.

The lower you go, the bigger trade off there is for GPU utilization. A setting of 2 will usually receive little to no hit, at 1 it starts to get a penalty. A setting of 1 will usually have less tearing than 2 though, so 1 is really the best compromise number for me for delay, tearing, GPU utilization, and prevention of an engine defaulting to 3.

A pre-render setting of 0 is kind of mysterious setting. I first experimented using 0 around the release of Half Life 2 engine. Some games like Day of Defeat wouldn't even start with a setting of 0. Other games would work fine. A few games would have crazy tearing. There's really nothing concrete to say about a setting of 0 because it's outcome is just all over the place.

I think games like DoD Source eventually did start working with a pre-render 0 setting, but it's probably something to do with Nvidia possibly adding frames into their render que, regardless to what you set pre-render to.

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