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So you dont know about any windows tweaks?
Originally Posted by r0ach View Post

100% positive yes on that one.

Wow effect was quite noticeable even got few % of lg vs bots. My aim follows them a little better and I hear more hitsounds.
How can it have such effect on input latency?
The lower you go, the bigger trade off there is for GPU utilization. A setting of 2 will usually receive little to no hit, at 1 it starts to get a penalty. A setting of 1 will usually have less tearing than 2 though, so 1 is really the best compromise number for me for delay, tearing, GPU utilization, and prevention of an engine defaulting to 3.

A pre-render setting of 0 is kind of mysterious setting. I first experimented using 0 around the release of Half Life 2 engine. Some games like Day of Defeat wouldn't even start with a setting of 0. Other games would work fine. A few games would have crazy tearing. There's really nothing concrete to say about a setting of 0 because it's outcome is just all over the place.

I think games like DoD Source eventually did start working with a pre-render 0 setting, but it's probably something to do with Nvidia possibly adding frames into their render que, regardless to what you set pre-render to.

I dont remember exactly when I started using 0 frames (in 2010 for sure), but on old slow amd card it worked with no problems, only noticed reduction of max fps, but thats useless, min fps remained the same. Now on nvidia card it works fine, dont notice any reduction of fps.
About 1.5 months ago started using 1 just to try it, didnt see any improvement in fps(with eye, but its over 60 in all games) or tearing, but it feels different than 0 and 3. I only notice tearing at 400+ fps, at 1000+ everything is a staircase biggrin.gif

What do you mean by gpu utilization? Does it really matter how much gpu is being utilized if min fps is same or even lower a little but theres less input lag.

Maybe you can test 0 more, Im not 100% sure as I have slow monitor. Dont know how you test, but I test like this: aim slow and fast 90/180 degrees back and forth, "aimbot" between targets and notice how disconnected it is from my hand movement. With claw/fingertip grip its easier to tell than with palm.
Originally Posted by deepor View Post

It's missing on the current drivers. There is no 0 pre-rendered frames setting. The smallest you can set is 1. I have version 331.40 currently.

They got removed for higher numbers in 3d programs where camera moves by itself and more stable frametime numbers in tests.

Found a thread with more nvidia lies and taking 0 frames literally https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/523530/geforce-drivers/bring-back-pre-rendered-frames-0-/6/
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